Tuesday, April 8, 2014

OMG, I'm in a short dress.

Showing leg. And arm. A new world for me.

I mean, whoa. Really whoa.

I bought a new dress over the weekend from a cute new shop in San Mateo, Hourglass Boutique. It was on sale for under $40, and it has pockets. It also has a unique neckline, and as I just bought like, the world's best strapless bra EVER from Nordstrom, I was excited to try it out. The dress is WAY shorter than any dress I've ever worn. I mean, above the knee? I'm no prude, but I have always wanted to spare those around me the sight of my chunky thighs.


I thought about wearing this with leggings, but then thought, "No, dammit. You're going to wear this short-ass dress and own your Yoncé thighs." I also feel like it's so short that the...cross breeze, if you will, is a bit disconcerting. I'm afraid I'll have a Marilyn moment and flash a floor of engineers.

All of these things went through my head this morning before I threw on a belt to cinch my waist, stepped into some heels, and went for it. And I am very, very proud of me!

Back of the dress! Love that bow.
My selfie skills are atrocious (I only have one full-length mirror in my apartment, and it's skinny, and it's in front of my bed, which is currently stripped because tonight is laundry night). I also have my adorbs silkworm cocoon mobile from Kyoto hanging above the mirror, so every selfie looks like I have a weird origami bird fascinator on. It's just the mobile. My point is...I'm glad I captured this poorly composed full-body shot so that I can be proud of the work I've done in the gym and at home. Yesterday, David, the manager of the gym I go to, made a point to come over to me on the treadmill and tell me that I looked good, and he could definitely see a change. That made me feel good. It's hard to tell you're changing when you look at yourself every day (AND when you continually obsess over the wing meat dangling off your triceps, or your ever-present jiggly stomach). Point is, I've come a long way, baby. Still need to ditch those last 8 lbs. to get me to my current goal of -100 lbs. lost...then I still need to lose about 50 more. It's not getting any easier, but I'm staying committed!

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  1. You inspire me to stop eating junk and get back to a size 8. Go flash those engineers dammit! You deserve to flaunt it. Plus, I'm sure they'll enjoy the "accidental" show....