Tuesday, September 24, 2013

33 Years Later

Every year, I take a birthday photo. Here's to you, 33.
Heh, heh.
Today is my 33rd birthday. It was weird spending it at work, as I always make an effort to be somewhere wonderful (usually Disney-related) on my actual birthday. But this year, my birthday Disneyland trip is the weekend following my birthday, so I went into the office. I had a nice (free) lunch at work with my friends.
Then I came home, had leftovers, made muffins for a co-worker, and watched repeats of Will & Grace.

It was a less-than-eventful day.

Every year, I go through the same thing: I get excited for my birthday, because I LOVE to celebrate people's birthdays. I always find the perfect card, a great gift, bake them something special. Because I do so much for other people on their birthdays, every year I expect that THIS will be the year where I have it reciprocated. No such luck. Of course, my friends send me birthday texts...I appreciate the thought, but there's nothing like getting a card in the mail which shows that the person actually had to think of your upcoming birthday in enough time to send a piece of delightfully old-fashioned snail mail. There are always friends that I think I'm closer to than I really am...no card, no nothing. So weird to me.

I realize I probably sound like a bitter, whiny bitch right now, and I don't really care. I feel like I do a lot for others year-round, and when my birthday comes, I'm left just like this year—at home, by myself, doing something for someone else. Guess I'll never learn.


  1. Your card is waiting with your present for your arrival :) it's a perfect card if I do say so myself ;)

  2. I'll be giving you your goodies in person this Saturday! :D